Distribute Payslips

using WhatsApp. 

We work with your existing payroll system to help you deliver payslips to your employees via WhatsApp.

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Employees don’t use ESS Apps and don’t have email.

This means that to send payslips, employers rely on workaround solutions that are ineffective and time-consuming. Employers either:

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Print and distribute
paper payslips every month.

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Convince employees
to get email or download ESS applications.


There is a much easier way to distribute payslips.

We work with your existing payroll system to help you deliver payslips to your employees via WhatsApp.


Payslips on Demand

Employees can access their payslips using WhatsApp from anywhere, at any time.

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Password protected payslips

Protected payslips are sent directly to employees, guaranteeing secure data transferral. Employees must present their ID numbers before viewing any sensitive payslip information. 

Getting Started

Get set up in less than 48 hours.


Simple and effective

How does it work? 

We offer you a simple WhatsApp-based communications platform that plugs into your existing payroll system to help you deliver payslips to your employees within seconds. 

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Data transfer

Employee data & PDF payslips files are imported onto your SmartWage dashboard.

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We send an activation SMS to your employees and employees self-activate by messaging the WhatsApp chatbot. Registration takes 30 seconds.

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Digital payslips

Each month, you simply upload your payroll file to your dashboard. You can also track employee registrations and payslip delivery instantly.

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See what our clients have to say

We've partnered with some of South Africa's most innovative employers. See what they have to say about SmartWage. 


"With SmartWage, our employees have flexibility and autonomy without having to ask the business for help.”

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Robyn McCreedy

- HR Manager

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"This is a clever product that has helped our employees and company at a very small cost."

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Andrew Bryson

- Group Payroll Manager


"From an administrative point of view - SmartWage is a no brainer.”

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Nic Lister-James

- Franchisee Owner

Simple and effective

Employees love it. 

97% of employees use WhatsApp every day. Using WhatsApp as a channel for delivery, we make accessing payslips easy and safe for employees.

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Password-protected payslips.

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Low Data Usage

Less than 200kb per payslip.

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Registration takes 30 seconds. 

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No training required. 

Extend your reach

Once you’ve delivered payslips effectively, use SmartWage to do so much more.

We offer a wide range of solutions, depending on your business needs.

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Send company-wide polls, surveys and announcements and get feedback from employees instantly.

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On-demand Pay

Give your employees access to their salary before payday at no cost to you.

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Leave Management

Allow your employees to request leave via our Whatsapp chatbot. Manage these leave requests and approvals on your SmartWage platform.

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Your own Whatsapp HR Chatbot

Create your own white-labelled HR WhatsApp chatbot for your employees to engage with your company. 

Get rid of paper payslips. Send them via WhatsApp instead.

Get in touch with us, or book a time to chat to our team. We can get you set up in 48 hours.

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