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SmartWage is an African technology company that enables employers to offer their employees access to earned wages

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Key Features For Employers

Employees’ income is fixed. Expenses fluctuate. Let’s change that.

Zero Cost

We give you the option to offer an employee perk absolutely free.

Plug & Play

No matter what payroll system you use, our software has been built to work alongside.

Admin Free

We get you setup, we get your employees on board and we offer a rounded financial wellness solution to your employees.

Zero Financial Risk

With a secure software environment and a transparent communication flow, there is zero risk.

What does SmartWage do?

We partner with employers to offer wage-access software to their employees. We integrate with any payroll software, ensuring that transactions are seamless, secure and fully auditable. Using their cell phones, your employees can access their earnings and use our interactive financial education tools.
SmartWage manages the entire journey from on-boarding, to transactions and queries.

Our technology and customer-centric approach makes wage-access simple.

How Does It Work

1. Companies Sign Up With SmartWage

1. Companies Sign Up With SmartWage

The company will send the CSV file which they download from their payroll software.

2. Profile Activation

2. Profile Activation

Through USSD, SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger, employees can activate their profile and get access to SmartWage.

3. Take An Advance

3. Take An Advance

Employees can now see how much they have earned and request up to 25% of their earned salary or wage.

4. Payslip Balance

4. Payslip Balance

Any advances through SmartWage gets deducted from the respective payslip via an integration or CSV file.

What Does SmartWage Do For Employees?

Take a look at what some of our users have said and how it has helped them.

Track Earnings

Track Earnings

Our tracking tool offers employees insight into their financial position at any stage, allowing them to make more informed decisions with their money.

Access Earnings

Access Earnings

Employees can access their earnings in real-time, giving them greater control over their finances, helping them meet unexpected expenses and avoid the need to resort to payday loans or other types of high-cost credit.

Improve Financial Wellness

Improve Financial Wellness

Through our financial education platform and free credit report service, we can measurably assess how employees are improving their financial wellness.

Some of our Trusted Clients

Employees Love SmartWage

Take a look at what some of our users are saying and how they have used SmartWage.

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