Retailability Case Study

On Demand Pay: How SmartWage saved retail employees R2.5 million in 3 months

Founded in 1984, Retailability (Pty) Ltd is a proudly South African retail group, including brands like Edgars, LEGIT, Beaver Canoe, and Style. With over 7,000 employees, their national footprint consists of 600 stores.

Edgars Partnership

The Challenge

Retailability's payroll team was inundated with employee loan requests. Their employees that needed instant access to cash were either resorting to unsecured payday lenders or were asking Retailability for loans. This meant that Retailability's payroll team was spending hours processing salary loans every month. Retailability understood that their employees occasionally needed instant access to cash. They wanted to help their employees but the employee loan process was too cumbersome. 


In January 2022, we rolled out SmartWage for over 7,400 Retailability employees across more than 430 stores. Over 1,700 employees signed up in the first two weeks.

In the first 3 months, SmartWage saved Retailability employees a total of R2.5 million in interest that would have been spent had they resorted to unsecured lenders for the money. Instead, they had SmartWage and could rely on their own earned income. As a result of SmartWage, Retailability's employee loan requests have also plummeted.  


Days in which the rollout period took place 


Stores onboarded


Number of Retailability employees with access to SmartWage 


Number of times employees have interacted with the SmartWage platform in 3 months.

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"Before SmartWage, it was very difficult because I had to pay for public transport and buy food with little to no means of doing so. SmartWage is really affordable and easy to use. I am very happy with SmartWage." 

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Brenda David

- Edgars employee

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