Startek Case Study

Financial Wellness: SmartWage empowers call centre workforce through interactive learning platform

Startek is a call centre company that provides customer service for businesses across 13 countries. With over 40,000 employees, their workforce manages almost half a billion customer interactions every year.


The Challenge

Startek has a predominantly young workforce and due to this, their employees are most active on their smartphones. The company wanted to provide its employees with a comprehensive financial wellness platform that was both accessible and practical. 


In November 2021, SmartWage rolled-out on demand pay and financial education to Startek's 2,100 employees. After signing the agreement on Friday, there were 500 Startek employees using the SmartWage platform by the following Wednesday. Startek was set up on in less than 48 hours. Using SmartWage's on demand pay solution, Startek employees can now withdraw a portion of their accrued income, via Whatsapp. Moreover, Startek employees now have access to SmartWage's financial education offering: a low-data, voice note learning platform with modules that teach employees how to save, budget and manage their finances. 


Number of employees 


Days in which rollout period took place


Number of Startek employees registered on SmartWage


Number of times employees have interacted with the SmartWage platform since launch

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"I used to have emergency medical situations where I didn't have enough cash to go to the doctor or to buy certain medication. SmartWage helped me get instant access to my salary so that I could pay these expenses. With SmartWage, I have also learnt so much about how to use my money and how to maintain financial stability. I am very happy with SmartWage."

Neo Molefe

- Startek employee

Getting Started

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