Empower Your Employees

Allowing employees access
to a portion of earned
wages decreases financial stress and
increases employee wellness

How SmartWage Benefits You

Increased Employee Wellness

It means your staff can come to work with less financial stress and keep their minds on the job.

Decreased Employee Debt

By having access to earned income, employees don't have to rely on payday loans to get to their next payday.

Increased Employee Retention

With decreased employee stress, companies see an increased retention rate due to financial security and additional employee benefits.

It Costs You Nothing

We give you the option to offer a company perk to your employees absolutely free. Financial education, increased access to earnings, an employee perk – free.

smartwage easy process

Quick & Easy Process

We can onboard the users manually by gathering the information from the employer. We just need names and cell-numbers to start. Or we send a code to each employee and they can opt-in and on-board themselves.

Enhance Your Employees' Happiness Today

Prove to your employees that you care about their financial wellbeing by offering a controlled solution to avoid taking on high-interest debt and a financial education facility.