Employee Benefits

A payday loan is attached with exorbitant interest fees. Ranging between 30-50% of your loan per month is what you will pay on interest. On our platform, we only charge a once-off fee on the withdrawal amount (dependant on the model the employer decides on). This allows you a huge saving in the long run.

Employer Benefits

Are you 100% aware of what your employees do outside the workplace when they run out of money?

  • No more payday loans
  • Decreased debt
  • Avoid high-interest fees
  • Offer a company perk at no cost to the company
  • Make the connection between work and pay more tangible

SmartWage makes the advance payment in order to not interfere with the company’s cashflow.

No. We do not use your money to facilitate this withdrawal. The employee can access a portion of their earnings in real-time which we subsidize and at the end of the month we receive the portion they withdrew from you, and they receive the rest.

Yes. Due to employees having less financial stress outside the workplace you are guaranteed to have a more productive employee in the workplace.


100% Seamless. Once the initial integration of our software and your payroll software is complete, there will be no extra effort required for the system to work. The user can access their earnings through the app and the software handles the rest. No payslip adjustments, no double payments.

How Does It Work

This is dependant on your the parameters your employer has decided upon – our default is capped at 50% of your total monthly salary can be accessed early.

You will receive a WhatsApp from SmartWage at half month with your accumulated earnings which you will have the option to withdraw an amount of your choosing. We then send this money to your account straight away.

Employers will not be charged a fee. This is to encourage employers to give their employees the chance of using such a platform and to realise the benefit it will bring.