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Instantly access your payslip, manage your leave, receive company annoucements and improve your financial wellness, all via Whatsapp. 

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Trusted by thousands of employees across South Africa. 

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Accessing HR tools just got a whole lot easier


Easily access your payslip every month

Skip the waiting game and get access to your password protected payslip whenever you want it.  

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Financial Wellness

Take control of your finances

Withdraw a portion of your earned income before payday via SmartWage's On Demand pay feature and learn the financial skills to better your savings and debt management.


Stay connected with your employer

Receive company announcements and give your employer feedback by answering polls, surveys and questions. 
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No more waiting to take leave

Instantly request leave, check your balance and and know exactly when your leave is approved. 

Our Services

How does it work? 

Once your employer partners with SmartWage, you can:

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Employees register by contacting SmartWage through Whatsapp.

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Verify Your Profile

Employees verify their name, ID number and banking details. 

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Get Access

Employees can receive announcements, access payslips, request leave and get access to their earnings, all via WhatsApp.

On Demand Pay

Why On Demand Pay?  

Let's say you needed R500: 

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The SmartWage On Demand feature is 10x cheaper than any loan shark on the market. 


See what our users have to say  

Meet the employees that love and trust SmartWage. 

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"It's amazing to be able to get our payslips straight away, on to our phones.  No one can accidentally view it as it is personal and confidential. Before SmartWage, I was always looking my paper payslip. Now, I can view it at anytime."

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Mluleki Magogo

- KFC Manager


"SmarWage has been very helpful - we no longer have to worry about money during the month for mid-month emergencies. It has helped us reduce debt with interest. Before we had to borrow from loan sharks and be charged huge interest to survive during the month."

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Zimasa Ziwele

- Retailability Employee

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"With SmartWage, company communication has been made smooth. We don't have to travel to get information from our employer. It's now on the tip of my hands and so there is no time wasted."

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Faith Baudhi 

- KFC employee


Frequently Asked Questions

If these don’t answer your question, contact us and we will make sure to get back to you right away.

How does SmartWage integrate with payroll?

We have an already-built API integration for Sage 300 and other payroll providers (Payspace etc), meaning we can push and pull data automatically. We also provide .csv files at cut-off to manually upload and reconcile if integration is not desired (i.e. one upload per payroll cycle to net-settle employees).

What data security ensures the safety of our data?

We are fully POPI compliant. We follow strict data security protocols and we are only allowed to use employee data for the purpose it was intended for, which is to make payments of salaries.

What if an employee’s cell number changes?

An employee can message the SmartWage WhatsApp line from the number they’re changing to and it will ask them to confirm their ID Number and bank account details. Once you have done so, their number will change automatically.

How long does it take to onboard with SmartWage?

Once we have the required employee data we can have you set up on the SmartWage system in 48 hours and depending on the number of employees we can complete a full employee onboarding and training within 2 weeks.

For on demand pay, who funds these advances?

SmartWage has a cash float to provide the advances directly to employees over the course of the month. At the end of the month, we provide reconciliations and invoices to collect the funds advances from you.

Does on demand pay not get employees into a worse debt spiral?

80% of South African employees can’t make it to the end of the month without taking on some form of debt. We solve this problem.
We are 10 times cheaper than any payday lender on the market.
We have a responsibility limit of 25%, meaning employees can only access up to 25% of what they have already earned.
We offer a comprehensive financial education solution at no cost to employees.
SmartWage is a security blanket for employees to start taking control of their finances and avoid high interest lenders

How do employers use SmartWage to deliver payslips to their employees?

Every paycycle the employer transfers payslips to SmartWage via an API or semi-automated integration system. SmartWage then uploads payslips onto the employer dashboard for distribution to the users. The payslips are then matched with the employee's profile by parsing the ID numbers from each PDF with the corresponding ID number on file.

How does an employer manage leave requests from employees using SmartWage?

The employer transfers employee leave data to SmartWage through an API or semi-automated integration system. Employers can then manage employee leave requests over the course of the month. At month end, the relevant leave cycle data is fed back into the employer's payroll and employee leave balances are adjusted accordingly.

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