Get instant access to what you need, when you need it.

Get access to your payslips, manage your leave, stay engaged with company communication, and get access to on-demand pay, all through WhatsApp.

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Trusted by thousands of employees across South Africa. 

Our Services

How does it work? 

Once your employer partners with SmartWage, you can register for SmartWage in 30 seconds.

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Employees register by contacting SmartWage through WhatsApp.

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Verify Your Profile

Employees verify their name, ID number and banking details. 

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Get Access

Employees access their payslips, request leave, view announcements and get access to on-demand pay, all via WhatsApp.


See what our users have to say  

Meet the employees that love and trust SmartWage. 

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"It's amazing to be able to get our payslips straight away, onto our phones.  No one can accidentally view it as it is personal and confidential. Before SmartWage, I was always looking for my paper payslip. Now, I can view it at any time."

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Mluleki Magogo

- KFC Manager

On-Demand Pay

"SmartWage has been very helpful - we no longer have to worry about money during the month for mid-month emergencies. It has helped us reduce debt with interest. Before we had to borrow from loan sharks and be charged huge interest to survive during the month."

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Zimasa Ziwele

- Retailability Employee

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"With SmartWage, company communication has been made smooth. We don't have to travel to get information from our employer. It's now on the tip of my hands and so there is no time wasted."

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Faith Baudhi 

- KFC employee


Frequently Asked Questions

If these don’t answer your question, contact us and we will make sure to get back to you right away.

Do I need an email address to access my payslip?

No, once your SmartWage profile is active on WhatsApp, you will receive your payslip immediately as they are sent out by your employer.

Can I access my payslip or any company announcements if I don’t have WhatsApp?

No, you can only access SmartWage through the SmartWage WhatsApp channel.

How can I view my leave balance?

Once you have registered for free with SmartWage,  you can access your leave balance and apply for leave via the SmartWage Whatsapp line. 

If I need proof of income, can I request multiple payslips at once?

Yes, depending on what your employer allows, you can access your payslip for the past three months. 

How much does it cost to use SmartWage?

Accessing payslips, leave, and announcements through SmartWage is free for employees.

For on-demand pay, SmartWage charges a once-off fee of R5.75  PLUS 3.4% per withdrawal. For example - if you take an advance of R100, you only pay R9.15 (R5.75 + {3.4% * R100}). There are no hidden fees and registering is free. 

What is my password to access my payslip?

Your password is your ID number. 

For on-demand pay, can I get paid into any bank account?

No. The money will only be paid into the bank account your employer pays your monthly salary into.

For on-demand pay, how long does it take to get the money?

Withdrawal requests made before 3:00pm on weekdays will be paid the same day. Requests after 3pm on weekdays will be paid the next business day. All weekend requests will be paid on Mondays.

Get instant access to what you need, when you need it. 

Join the thousands of employees who already use SmartWage. Let us know your company details and we promise to work hard to give you access to SmartWage.


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