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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does SmartWage integrate with payroll?

Our product can be used in conjunction with any payroll provider. We also offer custom API integrations for our enterprise clients, to allow for extra customisations.

What data security ensures the safety of our data?

We are fully POPI compliant. We follow strict data security protocols and we are only allowed to use employee data for the purpose it was intended for.

What if an employee’s cell number changes?

An employee can message the SmartWage WhatsApp line from the number they’re changing to and it will ask them to confirm their ID Number and bank account details. Once you have done so, their number will change automatically.

How long does it take to onboard with SmartWage?

Once we have the required employee data we can have you set up on the SmartWage system in 48 hours and depending on the number of employees we can complete a full employee onboarding and training within 2 weeks.

How do employers use SmartWage to deliver payslips to their employees?

You can then upload your payslip file onto the SmartWage dashboard for distribution to employees. The payslips are then matched with the employee's profile by parsing the ID numbers from each PDF with the corresponding ID number on file.

How is payslip information protected for employees?

A payslip can only be delivered to an employee via their personal cell phone. Once our system matches an employee with their relevant cell number, an employee must first confirm their name, surname, and ID number before they can access their payslip. 

How can employers communicate with different segments of their workforce?

Via the SmartWage dashboard, employers can easily segment an announcement, survey, or poll by employee seniority, location, team, branch, or department. 

How does an employer manage leave requests from employees using SmartWage?

The employer transfers employee leave data to SmartWage through an API or semi-automated integration system. Employers can then manage employee leave requests over the course of the month. At month end, the relevant leave cycle data is fed back into the employer's payroll and employee leave balances are adjusted accordingly.

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