Get R2500 When Your Employer Signs Up For SmartWage

See below for instructions

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How Does SmartWage Work


SmartWage allows employees to access their salaries and wages before payday.


SmartWage partners with employers to give their employees access to their earned salaries and wages.


Once an employee has access to SmartWage, they can request an advance through SmartWage without having to ask their employer.


SmartWage is the best way to get to payday if you have run out of money, or have an unbudgeted expense.

How do you get R2500?

1. Send us a SMS or WhatsApp message to 082 720 9905 saying “Hey”

2. Choose option 4 in the response you get from SmartWage

3. Follow the steps with the help of someone from SmartWage

4. Help SmartWage get your company set up by getting your friends and colleagues at work keen for the service

5. SmartWage will pay R2500 straight into your bank when your company signs up